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Who are we?

Wood Be Art – is our dream company – we are a locally owned boutique high-end home renovation company owned by a couple so that we can relate to couples and their dreams for their house and we can make it feel like home. We turn anything you can dream up, pin up or sketch on a napkin into reality

We are dedicated to putting the fun and dreams back into home renovations.  We collaborate with you to plan, budget and keep you well informed every step of the way. Our commitment to using high quality materials and our love for custom wood work, promises a richly finished result with quality workmanship at every step along the way.

 What we do….

We collaborate with passionate homeowners who are ready to invest in their homes and are not satisfied with the poor quality, mass produced options in the marketplace. We provide customized unique solutions for any space that stands the test of time and a multitude of toddler (or teenager) initiated tortures.

What our clients say…

Come for dinner! Yup, that’s right. We work so closely with our clients that we often feel as though a friendship has developed and more importantly our clients feel like they received full value from our fantastic service and bespoke quality work.

Wood Be Art – a renovation experience you will actually love

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Virtual or Home Based New Westminster,V3L4Z6 Show Phone Number brandy@woodbeart.com http://woodbeart.com

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