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I’ve had a life long passion for creating visuals from emotions, inspired by what comes from within. Extensive studies of body structure and kinetics over the years, as both a Registered Massage Therapist and a Yoga Teacher, has influenced my abstract painting representations of many natural elements. I’m intrigued by the exploration of our environments, and finding different ways to communicate the feelings of what I see, through painting. Living in the beauty of BC lends inspiration to diverse creative endeavours, and there’s an abundance of ever-changing elements and settings to explore through painting. I’ve enjoyed sharing these explorations from my 2017 gallery and exhibition beginnings in Vancouver, to the Okanagan, Kootenays, and beyond. I enjoy revealing avenues for introspection, and illuminating common threads within us and with our surroundings. It’s been a great pleasure to broaden communications with those who connect with what I create.



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