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A Family Legacy in Security and Alarm Monitoring
“I’ve spent my whole life in the security industry,” says Tony Oljaca of Strategic Defence Inc., popularly known by its acronym, SDI. Tony worked for his father’s company, Accurate Lock & Safe, from the young age of just 13 years old. “I took the business over after university when he retired. That would have been around 1993.”
Four years later, in 1997, Tony brought Strategic Defence Inc. into the family fold to complement the businesses started by his dad. “It seemed a natural move and SDI fit in nicely with our other family businesses, Accurate Alarms, Accurate Safe & Lock and Al Scott Safe & Lock (the Accurate Security Group),” says Tony. “We wanted to take the next step and monitor the systems we installed to ensure the quality of our product.”
We’re a wholesale provider for monitoring and answering services.
– Tony Oljaca, owner

A Quality Alarm-monitoring Service Centre
Strategic Defence Inc. now provides alarm-monitoring services for businesses located right across Canada with the exception of Quebec. “We don’t have any bilingual operators,” Tony explains. “But everywhere else we monitor alarm systems, fire systems and video systems.”
As well as providing monitoring services for the family’s Accurate Security Group, Strategic Defence Inc. provides third-party monitoring services for other security and alarm installation businesses. “While we were originally looking to control the quality in our own alarm installation business, we also wanted to provide that service for other small security or management businesses that weren’t happy with their large corporate providers. We’re a place where privately owned businesses can have a good quality service centre available to them.”
Strategic Defence Inc. works with a diverse group of clients, including alarm companies, service industry companies, and property management firms serving strata or rental buildings. “We’re a wholesale provider for monitoring and answering services,” says Tony.

Monitoring Centre Tours and Customer Service
Tony is proud of the fact that Strategic Defence Inc. is locally owned and has a physical presence in the community. “The horror stories you hear about when alarm monitoring fails are generally a result of poor client service. That’s why we think it’s so important to have a bricks-and-mortar presence. Approximately half of the alarm installation and monitoring companies do not have a physical location that you can go to and have your complaints or concerns addressed.”
For current or potential clients, Tony and his team at Strategic Defence Inc. offer a tour of the monitoring facilities on an appointment-only basis. “Any alarm or property management company that is curious about what we offer can contact us and arrange a tour to see our layout and technologies,” says Tony.
It is this kind of customer service that allows Strategic Defence Inc. to build strong relationships with its clients and offer them peace of mind.

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