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My name is Anthea and I grew up in, currently reside, and love New Westminster. New Westminster is where I founded my social business, Florezca.

At Florezca, we link socially conscious consumers with indigenous artists and designers who are committed to preserving their traditional livelihoods while expanding into the global marketplace. Direct from the homes of local indigenous artists throughout Latin America, Florezca connects you with handmade traditional luxury goods that directly support local economies and sustainable growth. I started the company to support indigenous artists who are making beautiful things with sustainably sourced materials and traditional production methods. If you value high quality, unique pieces handmade with love, I think you will fall in love with our best quality alpaca wool sourced directly from Chile, and the all-natural colors made from desert plant-based dyes.

Choosing to purchase sustainably-made products causes a ripple effect, setting in motion small changes that can turn into powerful waves.

Thank you for shopping consciously and making a difference with your purchase,

Anthea Darychuk, Founder.




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