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My name is Britt Frost and I am the sole owner and creator of Emerald and Ginger. I have been making felt garlands for close to 10 years now, and have enjoyed watching my business grow throughout various shops, craft fairs and customers eyes during that time. My goal is to bring a bit of whimsy into our day to day lives, with bright colours and shapes that invoke that sense of childhood wonderment.⁣

I live in New Westminster, BC, and have been a part of the New Westminster Arts Council and the New West Crafts group for the past year. I sell at many stores across the country including Kinder Books right here at the River Market in the New West Quay. I love to connect to my community so please let me know if you ever have any questions as I would love to meet you too! ️

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Downtown emeraldandginger@gmail.com http://www.emeraldandginger.com

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