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Brandi Williams is an artist living and working in New Westminster, BC, and is owner of Creative Capricorn Artworks. She is also a drawing instructor, who encourages creativity in all life stages as a means of connecting more deeply with ourselves and others. Brandi is a devoted mother of two and an avid nature lover.

Her work is informed simply by life and experiences, our unique and explorative personal journeys. Brandi draws much inspiration from nature and how it connects us to the truth of our being, grounds us, frees us, heals us, connects us to each other, our past, present and future. She also focuses much of her work on portraiture, which she views as an expression of life itself. Capturing single, beautiful moments, the depth of our love, conveying both the universal and unique elements of expression, personality and mood.

Brandi sees much of life’s beauty in the unique details and moments of everyday life that require our intention and gratitude to notice.

Brandi specializes in drawing and illustrative arts using mediums of graphite, charcoal, pen & ink, and watercolor painting. With an eye for capturing both detail and emotion in her work, she specializes in nature inspired art, portraits and pet portraits.  Through her work, Brandi strives to capture the unique bonds, expressions and love that connect us all.

For prints and greeting cards, you can visit her webpage at or on Facebook and Instagram @creativecapricornartworks.

If you would like to contact her regarding original art sales, commissions, or lessons please email her at

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